Product Innovation: Creating Delicious New Flavors with Ben & Jerry's

The Art of the Pivot

Oct 20

20 min 6 sec

“In order to have people love you, sometimes you have to have people hate you as well. And it’s the lovers and the people who will be passionate about your business and your brand—those are the ones you want to keep day after day.”Break out your favorite pint and get ready for a little “Pivot and Chill,” because this episode is our coolest yet.

Dena Wimette, Ben & Jerry's Head of Product Innovation, joined us to discuss her enviable role in bringing new and exciting ice cream flavors to market. Believe it or not, the job isn't all chocolate swirls and marshmallows (though there is a fair share of that). Dena must balance upholding Ben & Jerry's strong progressive values, satisfying an intensely passionate fanbase, and being on top of the public's changing tastebuds. Satisfy your craving for exclusive insights and learn a bowlful about running a values-driven brand in this tasty interview.

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