Ep. 49 - Linguistics & The Neurobiology of Language ft. Yev Diachek

By Jeremy Ullman

Our guest this week, Yev Diachek, is a PhD student studying Psychology at Vanderbilt University. After completing her undergraduate degree, Yev became interested in Psycholinguistics and the Neurobiology of Language so she took up multiple volunteer positions at Harvard and MIT. After completing her master’s, she worked as a full-time research assistant with Ev Fedorenko investigating how language interacts with other cognitive functions in the brain. In her Ph.D., Yev is now asking questions related to the structure and representation of conceptual knowledge and its relation to language. As a cognitive science major and linguistics enthusiast myself, this interview was truly a dream come true -- come on in and experience it for yourself! Questions Answered How is language represented in the brain, and how does it interact with other cognitive functions? Is language fixed or dynamic? Do we ever stop learning? How do we define core linguistic understanding, and is there even such a thing? What's the main goal of language? Is memory is also a part of language and are they separable? Are words meaningful in and of themselves? and many, many, many more! Topics & Concepts The Language System Hemispheric Lateralization The Multiple Demand Network Language Tasks Core Linguistics Understanding Gusture & Non-Verbal Cues Prosody & Intonation Pragmatics & Inference Brain Damage & Aphasia Language and Memory: Aphasia vs. Amnesia Language Learning Specialized vs Generalized Systems Meaning Category-Selective Deficits Concepts & Mental Representation Interactive Map of Concepts in the Brain: https://gallantlab.org/huth2016/ To Learn more, check out Yev's website: ediachek.com The Secret Life of Words Audio Course (Coupon Code)  Using 'TEACHER60' or this link (https://listenable.io/web/plans/?coupon=TEACHER60) you can get 60% off your first year of Listenable (it's only $24, or $2/mo)! It expires by May, 10th. Btw, it's the biggest discount Listenable has ever offered. Exciting, right? Keep that wallet thick and expand your brain volume at the same time!  My New Audio Course on Listenable: The Secret Life of Words https://listenable.io/web/courses/402/the-secret-life-of-words/ Does free will exist? Maybe. Regardless, please share your cherished feedback with me at abstractcast@gmail.com! Liking the show? Drop us a juicy 5-star rating or a written review on Apple Podcasts! Support the show by Following & Subscribing on: Spotify, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/abstractcast/message

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