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Episode 30 - Devil Decoder: Satanic Symbols Explained

By Black Mass Appeal

  From the pentagram (or is it a pentacle?) to the Sigil of Lucifer, a Satanic symbol is easy to spot – but less easy to source and explain. In this episode, we discuss the origins and meanings of all those cool Satanic symbols you see stitched on the patches of the jackets of every Black Mass attendee. Simone, Daniel, Tabitha, and Satanic artist Jason Lenox do a deep dive to help you keep your Satanic symbols straight. Plus, we share what we learned on the "Sunday Streets" of San Francisco, Simone is moved by Satanic gestures of sympathy, and we try to figure out which Rugrats character Baphomet looks like. Praise, condemnation, questions, and suggested funk songs for Alex "Nasty" Jones can cover can be sent to   SHOW LINKS Satanic San Francisco is now Satanic Bay Area PayPal ends business dealings with Alex Jones's Infowars Inverted Pentagram Inverted Pentacle Knot Magick: What is a Pentagram and why is it important to Witches? New World Encyclopedia: Pentagram Symbol Dictionary: Pentagram Pentagram Mormonism Research Ministry: The Nauvoo Temple Pentagrams Sigil of Baphomet (Church of Satan) The Satanic Temple Satanic Bay Area Stanislas de Guaita's La Clef de la Magie Noire JSTOR Daily: Satanism and Magic in the Age of the Moulin Rouge Church of Satan's Sigil of Baphomet Inverted Cross The Upside Down Cross: Satanic or Symbolic? Wikipedia: Crucifix History Answers: Sex, Satanism & the 19th Century ‘War of the Magicians’ JK Huysmans’ Las Bas Thought Catalog: Here’s What An Upside Down Cross Really Means Leviathan Cross Cross of Lorraine Infinity Symbol Dictionary: Cross of Lorraine (Cross of Anjou) Darthmouth College: Infinity and the Mind Symbolism Wiki: Leviathan Cross The Leviathan Cross (Satan’s Cross) Symbol and Its Meaning Sigil of Lucifer Symbol Dictionary: Sigil of Lucifer Grimoire Encyclopedia: Grimorium Verum (Grimoire) Simone's tattoo! Mark of the Beast / 666 Oxford Annotated Bible excerpt Harvard: Numerology of the Beast Other Resources Church of Satan: F.A.Q. Symbols and Symbolism Getty, Alchemical Symbols Jason Lenox, Satanic Artist Twitter Facebook Instagram Website Etsy Jason's work will be featured in the upcoming Devil's Reign, Book IV: All of Them Witches; preorder here! GET IN TOUCH WITH BLACK MASS APPEAL Facebook Twitter Instagram Patreon Tabitha Slander's Instagram NEW! Discord server SATANIC BAY AREA Website Facebook Twitter (as @SatanicSF) Instagram Sign up for Satanic Bay Area's newsletter LEARN MORE The Satanic Temple

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