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Top 5 Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

By Steve Stewart

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! I'm not here in this episode - I've commandeered three other shows that are not my own. Here's where I am today: Starve The Doubts where I turn the tables on Jared Easley and interview him on his own show! On the Cash Car Convert (usually by James Kinson) I talk about getting out of the car payment business. While Joe is in taking over my show I am also taking over the Stacking Benjamins show.  You can click on any of the links above for their (or should I say “my”) shows. If you would like to read the backstory of why I took over 3 shows in one day and why I'd NEVER do it again, read this.   Never has the show brought on more guests, more topics, and more laughs in the show. There were so many people on this show that there wasn't enough room for Steve. What you will get from this show Pirates take over the show. Arggggggghh Average Joe Money and OG talk about Forbes Billionaire List Helicopter parents crash kids' job interviews The Roundtable talks about Groupon and Living Social: Are online deals a good deal? And finally, a classic Top 5 list. Top 5 ways to pay off your mortgage early OG's Top 5: 5) Don't take out a mortgage so big to begin with 4) Refinance to a lower interest rate 3) Round up your monthly payments 2) Make a 13th payment every year (extra payment) 1) Sliced fruit (just kidding). It's "Get a 15 year mortgage" Average Joe's Top 5: 5) Shorten the term of your mortgage 4) Use your tax refund to pay down your mortgage 3) Round up your monthly payments, don't round down 2) Switch to bi-weekly payments 1) Place your extra money in an S&P 500 mutual fund, then apply it when the mortgage reaches the amount invested Cast members for Episode 150: Special thanks to the following cast members who made this April Fools Day podcast hilarious (in order of appearance): Average Joe Money from OG from Paula Pant from Len Penzo from Miranda Marquit from Disclaimer Steve Stewart does not agree with the Roundtable's advice of opening up a credit card for free airline tickets - regardless of paying them off every month or not. These "free" tickets or cash-back rewards are being paid for by the credit card company who in turn gets the money from those who do not pay off their balances, do not make their payments on time, or are over their limits. Be responsible for yourself AND your Brothers.

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