Feature Story by Olivia Cade: 'The Unextinguishable Flame'

AwareNow™: The Official Podcast for Causes

Oct 28

11 min 28 sec

Want to clear a room? Talk about suicide. Want to please a room? Make a joke. Want to confuse a room? Make a joke about suicide. As of 2019, I had a couple of fun letter combinations that specified my special brand of “crazy”. You didn’t ask, but here they are: ADHD, GAD, MDD. An attempt to neatly package the type of suffering I endured and the duration of said suffering.

Featured in: ‘The Vision Edition’ of AwareNow Magazine Topic: Suicide, Suicidal Ideations, Self Harm Produced by: Awareness Ties Written and Narrated by: Olivia Cade Podcast Soundtrack by: Thavius Beck Episode Soundtrack by: Sol Rising

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