By The Running Klub

This episode is brought to you by the Hong Kong prison. Thank you for taking special care of us and allowing Thor and Brett to explore your beautiful walls. Glad we were not there 100 years ago but this visit was exceptional. Finally, Thor and Brett had the microphones working and were able to capture a complete episode. Thor, as you will hear, is an exceptional human. Traveling the world and all 203 countries without flight. It's true! check out his website http://www.onceuponasaga.dk/ Thor is currently 194 countries through on his epic quest and holding strong in Hong Kong. Currently he is at day 58 (55 when we recorded) and with the current global pandemic, it is unlikely to change in a hurry. We highly suggest two things. Head over to Thor's website where you can read his blogs, watch his videos and see more details about his journey. The second thing to do, is follow his Instagram and Facebook pages to join him for the rest of the journey. It is not a podcast about running, it is a podcast about adventure, not giving up and stoic determination. Sisu (you will understand) Please, if there is anyway that you can help Thor on his journey. Please get in touch.   Happy listening and stay safe   Team RK

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