Bitcoin Mining in Russia w/ Igor Runets

By HASHR8 Podcast

Today we're joined by Igor Runets of BitRiver.  He describes his journey from traditional Telecom to building a massive bitcoin mining operation in Siberia.  Igor has a unique perspective on the mining landscape and has intense national pride and a desire to see Russia further advance as a bitcoin-mining hub.   Igor Runets is Founder and CEO of BitRiver, the largest collocation services' provider for Bitcoin mining in Russia and the CIS region. BitRiver's customers are institutional miners and are based in countries across the globe.  Click here for more information on BitRiver. Enter to win a FREE WhatsMiner M30S on Twitter @H4SHR8 ----------------------------------------- Difficulty Adjustment is a new weekly newsletter by Hashr8 Media. Every week, Ambroid and WhaleBearMan share pointed opinions on the bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and mining, while Bitcoin Broski tries to keep them in check. Register for Difficulty Adjustment here ----------------------------------------- Previous episodes: Follow us on Twitter: ----------------------------------------- About our sponsor:  Luxor Technology is North America's largest mining pool.  With a focus on enterprise solutions and an intense focus on customer experience, they provide a premier mining pool platform for bitcoin and altcoin miners.  Visit them today at, and follow them on Twitter @LuxorTechTeam. Luxor Discord:

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