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Healing PCOS with Amy Medling

By JJ Virgin

Amy Medling is a certified health coach and the founder of PCOS Diva. While struggling with symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome herself, she became frustrated with the advice of mainstream medicine and decided to take her health into her own hands. Listen to find out the most common signs of PCOS and the root causes behind it, as well as the lab tests you should be asking your doctor for if you suspect PCOS. Amy also shares how her 21-day program can help you heal PCOS with the right nutrition, mindset, and exercise routine. Learn how to become your own PCOS Diva so you can reclaim your health and feel better again!   Freebies From Today’s Episode Get Amy Medling’s free PCOS 101 Guide to Health and Hope by going to   Main Points From Today’s Episode Almost 1 in 5 women have PCOS or symptoms of PCOS. 50-70% of those women do not know that they have PCOS. PCOS can put you at increased risk for some major health issues. These include type 2 diabetes, endometrial cancer, autoimmune issues, and cardiovascular disease. Women with PCOS tend to be overfed and undernourished. Amy shares common vitamin and mineral deficiencies in women with PCOS, as well as her top diet and supplement recommendations.   Episode Play-By-Play [2:35] Amy Medling’s career briefing [3:17] How did Amy become the “PCOS Diva”? [4:10] What is PCOS and how do you know if you have it? [5:14] PCOS can lead to some major health issues. [7:09] Signs and symptoms of PCOS [8:37] If you suspect PCOS, which lab tests should you be requesting? [9:28] Root causes behind PCOS [11:03] Symptoms of PCOS can vary among women. [12:21] Criteria for diagnosis [13:16] 30% of women with PCOS don’t have polycystic ovaries. [14:48] Where should you start if you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS? [16:38] PCOS Diva helps you shift your mindset and create personal empowerment. [19:33] Amy’s 21-day program for healing PCOS [21:16] Common vitamin and mineral deficiencies in women with PCOS [21:56] Amy recommends connecting to movement in a more joyful way. [25:08] Having healthy food on hand and planning your meals in advance can be a big help. [26:33] Amy’s free PCOS 101 Guide to Health and Hope [29:49] Want a better quality of sleep while also calming your brain? Try JJ’s Sleep Candy! [30:45] Listener’s question: I’ve been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and told that I have to be super careful with exercise. Where do I start? [32:06] Exercise can be therapeutic or destructive. It really depends on the dose!     Mentioned in this episode: Sleep Candy JJ Virgin Official Facebook page JJ Virgin on Instagram JJ Virgin on YouTube

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