Episode 7: Novelist Spotlight #8: Ami Sands Brodoff on family, mental illness and dealing with death, ‘the final taboo’

Novelist Spotlight

Oct 22

1 hr 1 min

Ami Sands Brodoff is the author of several novels and short story collection. Her latest novel, “The Sleep of Apples,” is set in Montreal’s gritty, gentrifying Saint-Henri neighborhood. This linked collection of short stories is a moving dramatization of the imperfect lives we all lead told through nine interconnected narrators. Throughout the book, Sands Brodoff, the award-winning author of five previous books, presents characters and events inspired by her personal experiences. In one story, Collier, a gender-fluid, non-binary teen forms an unlikely connection with Rachel, a recreation therapist at The Children’s Hospital Psychiatric Ward. Rachel is a breast cancer survivor, as is Sands Brodoff. As well, Sands Brodoff is the mother of a transgender son and a gay son. Here other titles include “Can You See Me?” “The White Space Between” and “Bloodknots,” among others. During this podcast, Ami is asked: — Why she writes— What gets her high when writing— At what age she determined to be a writer— What writing does for her— Her subject matter— How she creates characters— The best writing advice ever received— Etc. Learn more about Ami at her website: https://amisandsbrodoff.com/We encourage you to subscribe to this podcast and share a link with friends, colleagues and family members who are avid readers or aspiring writers. Your host is Mike Consol, author of “Hardwood: A Novel About College Basketball and Other Games Young Men Play.” Write him at novelistspotlight@gmail.com

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