1: Building a Mature Design System (w/ Drew Burdick)

The Honeycomb™

Jan 2020

28 min 53 sec

A conversation with Drew Burdick on the tips, tricks, and methods he has learned during the process over the years of building design systems.You'll learn to:Manage contribution and intakeManage “snowflake” vs system componentsSupport multiple brands with a single systemTrack and measure the ROI of your systemPerpetuate buy-inDrew Burdick is a multi-faceted design leader with over a decade of experience. He founded and led a creative agency, led top accounts at Red Ventures, and most recently helped to transform product design at AIG by leading a team to establish their global design system. He is now a leader with the Experience Design practice at Slalom, helping to drive client engagements in the Charlotte market.Connect with usDrew Burdick @drewhburdickThe Honeycomb @thehoneycombpodcastThe UX Icon www.theuxicon.comIXDA Charlotte


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