Speaking in Tech #338 - Disruption as a Service

By Melissa Gurney Greene

In the first of a very special two-part episode, Peter Smallbone (@petersmallbone) reports on the world of tech startups at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019. Due to the nature of live recordings, this recording will have background noise. 00:00:00 This might be a very short podcast… 00:01:16 A brain/computer interface with Daniëlle Tump, Software Developer and Product Manager, MindAffect (@mindaffect_bci / https://www.mindaffect.nl) 00:08:41 Social media for entrepreneurial minded students with Ronan Liedmeier, Co-founder, Studentup inc (@studentupinc / https://studentup.com) 00:17:03 ‘Doubling the performance of display ads’ with Mahesh Murthy (@maheshmurthy), Founder, Rad Ad (@raddotad / https://www.rad.ad) 00:25:39 Extended reality for videogaming with Alberto Saldaña (@ASaldaNave), CEO and Edu Saldaña (@EduS_N), Exec Creative Director, Sons of a Bit (@SonsofaBit_Ent / https://sonsofabit.com) 00:32:37 Girls shaping the future with tech with Dora Palfi (@dorapalfi), Co-founder and CEO, imagiLabs (@imagilabs / https://imagilabs.typeform.com/to/lJRbFM) 00:36:06 ‘The world's most secure messenger’ with Paul Jung, CEO, Seal Communication (@sealmessenger) 00:39:16 K-Dance for K-Pop with Manhyung Han (@Manhyung), CEO and Founder, Kinetic Lab 00:43:34 Powering the smart home revolution with Vladimir Cillik, Chief Business Development Officer, Domotron (@DomotronHome / https://domotron.com) 00:47:21 ‘Instant ROI’ platform for e-commerce with Maciej Serafin, CMO, edrone (@edrone_me / https://edrone.me)

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