S02E16 - Speak To Acknowledge Risk [Part 2]

By Rhonda Britten

Ever freeze in the middle of a Coaching Session? Ever get tongue-tied and not sure what to say? Feel like a beginner? These questions and more are answered in this weeks’ episode! Plus, we’re diving deep into Part 2 of a key component necessary for permanent change: ability to take risks. Because if you don’t know where the “choice points” are, or how to coach your Client to recreate the skills necessary to take risks at will…you are not being the most effective Coach you could be. Welcome to Season 2, Episode 16 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten entitled: “Speak to Acknowledge Risk” (Part 2). What You Will Discover:  The secret power behind acknowledging risks for long-term permanent change Memorize these five questions and you’re confidence will increase How to overcome mid-session brain freeze in your Coaching Session Distracted Client? The key questions to shift them back to now The critical factor of how to listen and practice the “Art of Coaching” Question of the Day: “Do you have any tips I can use to get past my blocks quickly if they come up mid-session?” *** P.S. Grab your Free Fearbuster Coaching™ Toolkit at http://bit.ly/2kNP1um  #mastercoachmindset #rhondabritten #fearlessliving #lifecoach #FLICoaches ***

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