Interview with Tracey Lawrence, Author of Dementia Sucks!

By Michael Levitt

Professional Speaker: Tracey Lawrence enables companies to support and retain valued employees by focusing on the challenges of family caregiving in light of a growing epidemic. In her humorous and approachable style, Tracey takes her audiences on a journey through the complexities of the current crises through the lens of her ground-breaking book, "Dementia Sucks." This inspirational speaker lends her expertise to audiences throughout the New York metro area, and is available for international groups. Her message saves lives while promoting productivity.  Author: Tracey has written an important, moving, educational and absorbing book that will change the way you view your family and your life. "Dementia Sucks" is the surprisingly funny & true story of her journey through family caregiving, where she shares the heartbreak, insights & unexpected joys of helping loved ones transition from independent life to the next and final stages of illness, and ultimate passage from this plane of existence.  Family Coach: Are you overwhelmed by the needs of your aging loved ones? Concerned about your adult children? Fearful of losing control in your professional life? Are you on your own and in need of an advocate? Learn which aspects of your life require immediate attention, quickly and economically. Customize your own team of vetted, compassionate professionals who will work with you and your loved ones. Preserve your own health and sanity while avoiding predators! Grand Family Planning is a powerful, coordinated approach to protecting you and your family from the stresses and complexities of coping with illness and aging in the USA. Practice LIFE control! LinkedIn:  

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