S2 Ep 7: The Power of Speech In Business

The Small Business Britain Podcast

Oct 2020

32 min 56 sec

Welcome to series 2 of the Small Business Britain podcast. This series we will be covering topics to help, inspire and support small businesses with a host of inspirational people. For this 7th episode we are joined by award-winning public speaker and communication consultant, Shola Kaye. Shola shares with us her story including how she experienced first-hand how it feels not to speak up and represent yourself in the right way due to a crisis of confidence from her corporate world and how this, alongside her work as a performer, has led her on a path to help, support and enable others to be their best selves. As she says, "when individuals have the confidence and tools to share their brilliance, amazing things happen." So, if you would like to hear top tips on how to speak more confidently and how to relay your business message, please do give this great chat a listen!

Hope you enjoy! Please check out Shola's website here. Small Business Britain: here to champion, inspire and accelerate small business. Hosted by Karen Campbell karencampbellmarketing.com Music and edit / production by Ben Lloyd-Evans bleproduction.com

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