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004: Mother, Where Art Thou? Giving Women a Voice in Religion w/ Dr. Julie Hanks

By Cherie Burton

We are in the middle of a divine feminine evolution on our planet, and Dr. Julie Hanks is all for it. A licensed social worker and clinical therapist focused on women's emotional health and relationships, Dr. Hanks is an advocate for helping women develop their spirituality. Today we are diving into the universal struggle to understand and accept the divine feminine, why we should stop perpetuating our dominator culture, and finding your voice as a woman within religious contexts. Dr. Hanks believes in a partnership model of family organization and has used this theory to challenge traditional gender roles within religion and stop the current patriarchal society. Everything from Mary Magdalen to socioeconomic indicators is on the table today. Dr. Hanks is an inspiring supporter of caregiving, equality and using your feminine voice to better conditions for all. How do you embrace your inner divine feminine within your home and religion? Let us know in the comments.   In This Episode Viewing the religious experience through the dominator partner lens Stopping the silencing of the feminine voice in religious institutions How to empower the next generation to establish a partnership dynamic Giving women a voice within the construct of their religious community Empowering individual and institutional reform and change   Quotes “In my own spiritual practices that’s part of my seeking, is finding a connection with the feminine divine so that I can see the divine in myself” (5:23) “My passion has been how to teach families to organize and raise up the next generation with partnership so that's just the norm. So they expect actualization hierarchies instead of domination hierarchies” (15:17) “One of my missions has been giving women permission to develop themselves, their talents, their voice, and passions, to develop their life missions, so that they have more to offer the world” (23:47) “Recognizing that we are in this together, it is not my job just to do things for you… you can do those things for yourself and for the family” (42:01)   Links The Assertiveness Guide for Women by Dr. Julie Hanks Partnership Families Website Find Dr. Julie's music here   Check out the full episode page here Find Cherie online Follow Cherie on Facebook

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