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169 Denny Krahe - Putting in the Daily Work

By Harry Duran

Denny is the host of Diz Runs Radio. At the time he started he already had a show. Both shows were going for about a month, and he then decided to stop his first show and stick to his running show,. He’s now recorded over 500 episodes, and routinely takes calls on his run from his FB group. It was a pleasure having him back on a 2nd time to share what he’s learned and talk about his new book: Be Ready on Race Day. 01:14 - The first time I had Denny on Podcast Junkies 02:04 - Seeing the progress of your work throughout the years 04:02 - Putting in the work each day to have success 05:34 - The first time we met face to face 06:27 - What was going through his mind when he decided he wanted to start his show 09:55 - The realities of monetizing a podcast 10:57 - Building a client base through his podcast 13:58 - How it takes time to see the results of your podcasting work 16:35 - If he thinks TV studios will start working more with podcasters 18:35 - How he’s grown as an interviewer over the past three years 22:58 - If it’s been a challenge getting his guests acclimated to the tech side of podcasting 25:39 - His most memorable guests/episodes 29:05 - What he’s done to try and get Peter Segel on his show 30:22 - His community and how he’s grown it over the years 36:30 - The book he’s working on 42:56 - Getting feedback on the work all content creators put out 45:23 - If he’s seen any change in my delivery and journey over the past four years 50:32 - Something he’s changed his mind about recently 55:34 - The one most misunderstood thing about him Full Show Notes:

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