Free Fatty Friday #11: Making New Years Resolutions Great Again

Health Via Modern Nutrition

Jan 8

23 min 42 sec

New Year's Resolutions are lame... But this year, Geoff wants to bring them back. Let's set three new years resolutions: (1) physical goal, (2) mental / mission / livelihood goals, and (3) building out our tribe and community. Happy new year, and let's make 2021 the best year yet. 8:55 - 1st goal: A goal that relates to our physical health. 12:13 - 2nd goal: A goal for our mental health, life’s purpose, livelihood. 17:59 - 3rd goal: Building out a community for 2021. H.V.M.N. Podcast Fam: We're giving you an exclusive offer. You guys are some of our most loyal fans and we want to give you a special reward. Use GEOFF10 to get 10% off your KFB order:

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