11: Life as an Artivist, with janet e. dandridge

Design For The People

Apr 2

1 hr 12 min

Joining me on this episode of Design For The People, is artist, photographer, performer, consultant and self-proclaimed artivist, janet e. dandridge. Over a fascinating career residing between Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Paris, France, janet has combined art, photography, theatre and performance, to encourage awareness and discourse around ideologies that perpetuate injustice. Her interdisciplinary approach allows her to shift between mediums, always challenging audiences to analyze the societal constructs that often define us.We discuss what it means to be an artivist, building a structured practise, budgeting and investing, developing an entrepreneurial mindset, and the importance of self-care.

Full episode notes at https://bunbury.co/life-as-an-artivistSee more of janet’s work at https://www.janetedandridge.com, and follow her @janetedandridge.Design For The People is a podcast hosted by Graphic Designer and Consultant Greg Bunbury (@gregbunbury), in conversation with the inspiring minds, using design and creativity towards social change. Making a positive difference in our lives, our communities, and the world. Find more episodes at bunbury.co/podcastMusic: ‘Night Shift (All Night Long)’ by Reduxe & ‘Skylight’ by Reduxe (© Ombre Audio, all rights reserved, used with permission).Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/design-for-the-people/donations

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