Northern Ingredients CEO Robert Schafer on Placing Workplace Culture Before Profit

One Take CEO Interviews

Nov 2020

23 min 43 sec

Founder and CEO Bob Schafer created a highly successful bakery supply business from scratch all from operating cash flow; no debt.

Mixing and/or distributing 150 million pounds a year of ingredients to food manufacturers, this Minnesota Family Business Award-winning company has weathered three recessions since its founding in 1991. Thus far it is handing the Covid-19 recession well by adapting to the times, while also protecting its values. This includes how it pivoted to handle new business without hiring more people. Schafer discusses this and more in this interview, shot on location at Northland Ingredients in Arden Hills, MN. He talks about how to attract and retain talent beyond wage increases (which the competition can simply match) and provides tips for struggling business on how to survive this recession. These

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