30. Art and Curation In The Time of Covid-19 in Latin America with Gisselle Girón.

By Jo McLaughlin

Welcome back to the Jo’s Art History Podcast. It’s episode 30 and in today’s episode we are taking you online to look at a selection of Latin American artists and their response to making during the Covid-19 crisis with the help of my guest, curator and art historian, Gisselle Girón. Gisselle works between the UK and Peru and takes us on a whistle stop tour of 5 examples of Latin American Artists who have rejected the traditional display paths - such as museums and galleries in favour of online, virtual platforms. Gisselle speaks so beautifully and passionately about the importance of breaking down traditional viewing perceptions, why the internet is a tool to make art accessible and just how we can all become patrons to contemporary artists living and working today. It’s a long episode at 1 hour and a half but I was so in awe of Giselle who makes some really brilliant points throughout the episode it did not feel right to edit it down to 1 hour! Stick the kettle on, sit back and enjoy - it is a brilliant episode! J x Guest Details: My website: https://gissellegiron.com/ My email: gisselle.giron@gmail.com Gisselle Girón (Lima) is a curator and art historian working between the UK and Peru. She has been part of the collective processes behind the digital platform Gifggenheim and the working office Oficina M20 - Hotel Savoy. She recently curated the digital exhibition "Maldita Primavera" for Abrir Galería, the solo exhibition "Voces Familiares, un jardín, un dron, el ajedrez y una canción" by Elena Tejada-Herrera, and has been steward of the project "DAFFPDSE: Diagrama Arqueológico del Futuro en Flujo: Plastic Dreams -Sueños de Esponja" by Marisabel Arias. On her website you can find all the gossip and details about her work, as well as songs, memes and other recommendations to keep on living: https://gissellegiron.com/ Links to Artwork Kathryn Paucar's website: https://kathrynpaucar.hotglue.me/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kathrynpaucar/ Obras de Arte Comentadas https://www.instagram.com/obrasdeartecomentadas/ Website: https://obrasdeartecomentadas.com/cursos/ Obras de Arte Comentadas' Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/obrasdeartecomentadas/posts 3. Bexpo 8's Discord invite: https://discord.com/invite/Qb7A8gA Platform Discord: https://discord.com 4. Dani de la Torre: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DanidelaTower Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danidelatower/ 5. https://www.instagram.com/oh.no.lulu/ Luciana Ponte's project "Lalulula.tv": https://lalulula.tv/ Project: https://casaequis.com/ Luciana Ponte's "No NTIEN2 XQ T KIERO": https://hubs.mozilla.com/WpxZNJF/no-ntien2-xq-t-kiero/?

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