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#22 mit Entrepreneur Warren Rustand - 'On the Way to New Work'

By Michael Trautmann & Christoph Magnussen

It’s very hard to describe this week's podcast guest in just a few words: Warren Rustand is an outstanding entrepreneur, he is a former advisor to the President of the United States, he served as CEO or Chairman of 17 companies and on the Board of Directors for 50 organizations. But more important he is a remarkable human being and shares his experiences to do good and help others to become better servant leaders. During the last months I had the chance to experience him for several days during workshops at EO and truly transform how I lead but more important how I am and act as person. Warren is 74, married, has 7 children and 19 grandchildren and never ever seems to be on the run or stressed by anything. He gave me his undivided attention during a retreat in Bavaria to share as much as possible with you guys starting from organizing his workday and his 15 minute meeting rule that all presidents until Obama used as well as his morning routines and his vision for the future of organization. Alle Bücher der Podcast-Gäste findet Ihr unter: Shownotes: What drives you, Warren Rustand? (ab 01:30 Min.) What changed during your work for the President? (ab 03:10 Min.) How did you transfer your learnings for yourself? (ab 04:20 Min.) What did you learn from the President about paying attention to people? (ab 06:15 Min.) What size is your business? (ab 08:45 Min.) How do you focus on so many people so that everyone feels appreciated? (ab 09:10 Min.) How did you find your personal purpose? (ab 09:50 Min.) What would you recommend people to do in order to find their personal purpose? (ab 11:25 Min.) How do you start your day? What kind of daily routines do you have? (ab 12:35 Min.) Routines: What do you recommend your employees? (ab 14:55 Min.) Where do you find time to think or relax? (ab 15:50 Min.) What is your opinion on how work changed? (ab 17:10 Min.) What kind of skills should people have an eye on? (ab 19:50 Min.) You invest a lot of time in your community. Why are you passionate about that? (ab 22:55 Min.) Who is the person in your life that influenced you the most? (ab 26:45 Min.) What are your 5 must read books? (ab 27:50 Min.) Do you see any young entrepreneurs out there that we should look at? (ab 32:30 Min.) What do you think of Elon Musks Vision? (ab 35:40 Min.) How did you start your Top 100 list? (ab 38:30 Min.)

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