Pubic Hair, Porn Habits & Relationship Pasts

By Emily Morse

No matter where we’re at in our sex life, we could all use a push to be little better. Lucky for you, this show is packed with tips on how to grow, both as a lover and a dater. Emily and co-host Anderson help listeners navigate their most troubling coital concerns and drop some helpful sex tips along the way. First, the two dissect the best and worst words men and women can include in their dating profiles and discuss how online dating has changed in the past 10 years. Then, they take to your emails, subjects including sexual inhibition after a change in your body, alarm over a partner’s porn habit and how to get back in the dating pool after a long break. Whether you’re dealing with bedroom insecurities or are unsure how to date after a major life change, Emily has the answers you need to reach your sex and relationship potential in this podcast.  

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