#570 Former Peloton Instructor Inspires as a Personal Trainer and Motivator

The Small Business Radio Show

Jan 2020

53 min

SEGMENT 1: The business of personal fitness certainly has changed over the past decade years. It used to be if you wanted to exercise, you would go to a gym. Then you could join a fancy health club to work out. Then there were exercise videos to follow along at home. But now, there are companies like Peloton and Nordic Track that can bring a personal trainer into your home and you can work out with 100 of your closest friends connected through social media. Joining us to discuss what it’s like to be a personal fitness trainer in the age of social media is one of my favorite motivational trainers, Jennifer Jacobs of JMethod Fitness.SEGMENT 2: Most small business owners have the dream of selling their company. But what they don’t realize is how much their values and principles will be tested in the process. Here to talk about his experience is Sunny Vanderbeck who is an entrepreneur, CEO, investor, military leader and author with over a decade of experience in leading companies to success.SEGMENT 3: At the inception of a company, one of the biggest things it lacks is process and infrastructure to grow. Matt Finsilver, COO of Blue Summit Supplies, is here to share his experience with adding structure to an entrepreneurial business so it could fulfill its potential.Sponsored by Nextiva, LinkedIn, efile4Biz, vCita and Blue Summit Supplies

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