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11: Big Love with Kasey Rainbow

By Coby Stokman

Kasey Rainbow is one of those people you speak to and you know they are coming from the heart. Every word she spoke I could feel was purely from a place of genuine love…and that my friends is what authenticity (that horrid word that’s thrown around like play dough) is all about! Kasey is also a 2 x author (and illustrator)!!! And I just cannot wait for you to hear not only her story, but where she is taking her story…   KEY TAKEAWAYS: Having a baby doesn’t always need to be this ‘magical’ fairy tale feeling – this does NOT mean you don’t love your babies!!! Mum guilt is real and can start from the moment you give birth Motherhood changes people a lot…in so many ways Did you know there is an amazing mental health plan you can go on? Sometimes, YOU have to get all those things out of your head!!! We talk about Kasey’s AMAZING books!! You can do SO much more than what you think in life!! You have so much capability! WHATS IN KASEY’S TOOLBOX? Mental health care plan!! This includes regular check ups with your doctor and you can be eligible to 10 x phycology appointments at either a reduced rate, or if they have no gap then you could not pay anything! If you don’t find someone that doesn’t work with you…keep looking for that right person!!   CONNECT  If you haven’t already, go connect with Kasey! Web: Instagram: @Kasey.rainbow When I grow up book – Big love book -   Come join the Real Mum Life Insiders where we workshop some of these models and put some of these tools to practice. Come join friend!   DO YOU LOVE THE REAL MUM LIFE PODCAST?   Mama’s, we’re practically already best friends, but I’d love you even more if you would subscribe to The Real Mum Life Podcast on iTunes and give us a review!  

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