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292: How to Solve a Really Big Problem, with Teresa Chahine

By Dave Stachowiak

Teresa Chahine: Social Entrepreneurship Teresa Chahine is the social entrepreneurship program leader at the Harvard School of Public Heath and the Innovation advisor at Alfanar Venture Philanthropy. She’s the author of Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship*, a 12-step guide to building an impactful venture. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Key Points Find the root cause of problems to make sure your solution is not just a band-aid. Many leaders make the mistake of reinventing the wheel. Find local leaders and build solutions with them. Don’t try to solve a problem on your own, work with the people who are impacted by the problem. Think of research as a form of action. People are more likely to be satisfied with a solution if they feel like they were a part of it. Resources Mentioned #BeTheBeacon Campaign Food Truck Film Kickstarter campaign Deconstructing Sticky Problems The Tipping Point* by Malcom Gladwell Activate Your Free Coaching for Leaders Membership Get immediate access to my free, 10-day audio course, 10 Ways to Empower the People You Lead. Give me 10 minutes a day for 10 days to get the most immediate, practical actions to become a better leader. Join at Live, Virtual Forum This Week Join Dave live this week for Best of Q1: The Top Lessons From Coaching for Leaders and you’ll get: Dave's top takeaways from CFL guests during the first quarter of 2017. A personal introduction to 3-4 other leaders in the global CFL community. Dialogue on the best strategies and results for implementing wisdom from guests. An introduction to the Coaching for Leaders Academy. It’s $25 US to attend and limited to 100 people, so if you’re interested in joining us, visit Related Episodes CFL160: The 5-Step Strategy For Solving Problems CFL238: How to Be a Non-Conformist, with Adam Grant CFL262: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It Next Episode Lisa Cummings is joining me on the show next week to discuss how to lead through strengths. She’s the CEO of a company by the same name and also hosts the Lead Through Strengths podcast. Thank You Thank you to Brooke Craven and Aygioana for the kind review on iTunes. To leave a rating or review, visit

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