Money Mentoring Fiptpros - Nelson Toriano

By Karan Kumar

In this Episode, it's my honour and privilege to have my guest, Nelson Toriano. He is an educator, certified personal trainer (CPT), and author. He started Coach Nelly Toriano, LLC, after determining financial literacy is needed in the fitness industry. His debut book is "For the Fit but Poor Personal Trainer: A Guide on How to Train Money - Not Muscle - to Grow." Available on Amazon via paperback, ebook, and audio. Nowadays, he advocates for personal trainers to not only be effective in their sales, but also be strategic when it comes to managing that revenue. He explains financial concepts using fitness vocabulary in an effort to curb the high rate of burnout. Nelson is a CPT with the National Academy of Sports Medicine in the United States. He also has his Masters in Business Administration from California State University, East Bay and Stanford University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate. Hope, to all the listeners they find it valuable and keep looking listening to Kazzam Show-KickOff Your Life

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