Episode 195: Tony & Call Tests (2021/03/09)

By David Cooper

Episode 195 of the SHITshow called, "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper", hosted by David himself. The first show from New York. The guest on the show tonight cancelled last minute so we are stuck with Tony. The first discussion is the fiasco over the Meghan Markel - Oprah interview and the ramifications of it. Nice to get a British view of it from Tony. The next topic is David getting a bit down. There are no shitty callers, maybe due the timing going wrong, low wages or also maybe you guys insulting people last time. The first guy to call is called Tomato, from Brazil. And then we continue waiting for a caller. David and Tony are are about to close in the show early and we get a bunch of callers. And then we Taylor with a Kenyan Accent from Texas. And then we have a very long discussion on Meghan Markel Vs British Monarchy. No, 75 cents don't mean a meal for us in Delhi. This is MarU from India rating this show a 2 of 5, need more callers.

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