Setting Gender-Equal Foundations Early On

By Ulrike Seminati

In this episode, Alma Moya Losada, Co-founder and CEO of Aequaland, shares with us how we can provide children the opportunity to celebrate their uniqueness, foster their differences, and become the person of their choice without the limitations set by stereotypes, rigid roles, and prejudices. Find out what impact we can make when setting the foundations for gender-equal education and authenticity early on in the lives of human beings. You can find out more about Alma's amazing project here: thank you very much if you give this new podcast a real chance. You will get to know many inspiring women from all around the globe – and if we warmly welcome you to join our community on LinkedIn or follow us for inspirational content on Instagram @empoweringfemaleleaders.You are important. And together we can make a difference.I wish you valuable insights and concrete implementation. Thank you for your trust and for listening to the podcast.Do you want to take action? Join one of our upcoming LIVE online training sessions which you can find on our website Learn more about your host Ulrike Seminati at https://ulrikeseminati.comI am very happy if the episode inspires and empowers you and I'd be glad to receive your feedback or wishes for further topics and guests at

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