Adala Bolto - From Fitness To Franchisor - A ZADI Story

By Kim Anthony Barrett

Resource Links: Your Social Voice Website ( Become the Mogul of your industry ( Join our Mogul Mastermind ( Zadi Training Website (  Adala’s Instagram ( Are you thinking of starting your own franchise business? Franchising can be an incredible milestone in your business, but it has its fair share of hurdles. If you’re wondering what challenges you might face, our guest Adala Bolto from ZADI Training will tell us what to expect. She also shares her experience in starting and running a female fitness franchise. Adala is empowering women and creating new opportunities for women in the fitness industry. For those who have an interest in both business and fitness, this is the episode for you. Tune in now.  What we discussed in this episode: How Adala started in fitness [1:15] The transition to business owner [2:59] Why did she choose franchising? [6:52] Biggest hurdles faced in franchising [9:05] How Zadi was able to attract franchisees [12:58] Response to the pandemic [14:52] What’s next for the franchise [16:20] About the branding of Zadi Training [18:13] About Adala Bolto Adala Bolto is the Founder and CEO of Zadi Training, an all-women fitness studio. ZADI is the first boutique fitness studio to offer HIIT Strength combination programs with the most effective metabolic circuit training methods, designed exclusively to ‘unleash the extraordinary in women’. Adala has 14 years of experience in the fitness and fashion industry. She became a club manager for Australia’s leading female fitness brand, Fernwood, before starting her own business that will address the gap in the fitness industry. Connect with Lynda through her Instagram.   Thank you so much for listening! If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast. See for privacy information.

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