5: "Her water would break during 'Ach, ich fühl's'" + Vick Bain pt.1

Fach My Life

Nov 2020

47 min 3 sec

Sponsor link: https://theoperadolls.com/?ref=z6xg6kfaroab This week, Ros and Adele are joined by the tour de force Vick Bain; the first part of their interview and subsequent episode discussion covers the F-List, gender pay gaps and parent's rights in the music industry. Tune in to hear about Vick's work with PIPA, her PHD on women in the music industry, and listen to the trio discuss why men make vertical progression in the music industry while so many women remain stuck at square one. As always, Ros & Adele love to hear from you on Instagram @fachmylifepod or on twitter @fachpod or you can send an email to fachmylifepod@gmail.com - do get in touch if you have questions for Vick and we will pass them onto her and get back to you! You can also follow Vick @vickbain on twitter!


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