80: Bradley Weiss - 2017 XTERRA World Champion

By Peter Brees, endurance Junkie

Bradley Weiss is a pro triathlete from Stellenbosch, South Africa who specializes in off-road XTERRA racing. Brad started his triathlon career at the tender age of 19 (not exactly an early start) and knew he had a lot of catching up to do if he wanted to be competitive. After a couple of years, his continuous progression in the sport he had grown to love allowed him to take a more professional approach to the sport, quit his job as an accountant and become a pro athlete. At this year's XTERRA World Championship race in Maui, Brad was able to hold off defending champion Mauricio Mendez to take the World Championship title. You can follow Brad on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – Brad’s sporting background and progression in the sport – The not always so glamorous life of a pro athlete and what keeps him motivated during the difficult moments – Why he works with different coaches – Winning the world title race in Maui – Goals for 2018 and why he should have received an invite for Island House Triathlon

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