James Kidwell the ten inch cowboy

By Quick Crime

Today's episode is on James Kidwell and the murders of Kenneth Maxwell and Fred & Rebecca Barney. The details presented in this podcast come from an episode of the tv show FORENSIC FILES. A 911 operator receives a call about a fire at a residential address. The caller is Kenneth Maxwell. Kenneth was on his way home from a party. After providing the address details to the operator, Kenneth remained on the line while he waited for the fire department to arrive. Shortly after this, Kenneth was interrupted and on the recorded 911 call you can hear Kenneth interacting with someone before the line becomes silent. When firemen arrived and put out the fire, they discovered Kenneth slumped over the steering wheel and was dead from a fatal gunshot wound to the head. After the fire was extinguished and authorities entered the house, they discovered two bodies, one male shot point blank and one female in a back bedroom shot several times in the head with the use of a pillow. The two victims in the house were identified as Fred and Rebecca Barney, They were married 6 years, however, they had just recently decided to amicably file for divorce but chose to remain living together during the divorce process.

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