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Episode #2 - Curve Balls & Med School (Derin Adejare-Smith)

By Habeeb Suara

Ohio State M4 (and future anesthesiologist) Derin Adejare-Smith joins the podcast to talk about her blog "Curve Balls & Med School", which has motivated hundreds of pre-medical students for over 6 years to pursue careers in medicine.  Who is Derin Adejare-Smith? How did you get to where you are sitting right now?Curve Balls & Medical SchoolHow did it start? What has kept it going? What has been the most rewarding part of it all?  Take us to a moment where you realized the power of what you do? What do you think is the role of a physician in promoting healthy habits and behaviors in their patients?As a future doctor and fitness enthusiast, and someone who blogs in a way that i’m sure is therapeutic for you well-being,Art of the Side Hustle/Side ProjectHer opinion on free time in medical schoolGrowing interest & demand in finding physicians who can have an impact beyond the walls of the hospital;  Do you agree? and do you see yourself being that kind of physician?What advice would you have for people, who are busy like yourself (med students, residents, pre-meds, lawyers, whoever) and are looking to carve out some time to pursue a passion but are unsure of how?Let’s fast forward 10 years, it’s 2029; Who is Derin Adejare now? What’s she up to? Where can we find her? Follow Derin: @hey.derin (Instagram), @AdejareSmith (Twitter)Follow Our Podcast: @a2o_podcast (Instagram, Twitter)

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