Who Run The World? Darina Allen

By Honey & Co

This is the sixth episode of our Who Run The World? season celebrating women in food. Today's guest is Darina Allen, founder of world-renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland and bestselling author of 19 cookbooks. We absolutely love Darina and the school and have had many of her graduates working in our kitchens over the years. We chatted to Darina about how she came to run the fabulous Ballymaloe, what it's like be part of a cooking dynasty and what it takes to be a successful cookbook author. It was wonderful to hear Darina talking so passionately about her experiences running a successful family business in rural Ireland, as well as the sustainable ethos at the core of everything that Ballymaloe does, and the values she instills in all her students, especially about the importance of creating an inclusive kitchen culture.  Hope you enjoy! This interview is part of our series Who Run The World? Women in Food. Our final episode will air on 8th March International Women’s Day. Got something to say? Share your thoughts, feelings and questions with us! Email us at podcasts@honeyandco.co.uk Follow us on Twitter: @honeyandco  Instagram: @honeyandco  Ballymaloe Cookery School http://www.cookingisfun.ie  Instagram: @ballymaloecookeryschool  Darina on Instagram: @darina_allen Find out more about the series here – www.honeyandco.co.uk/TheFoodTalks  #HoneyAndCo #TheFoodTalks #WomenInFood #WhoRunTheWorld   Producer: Miranda Hinkley Manager: Louisa Cornford Vocals: Kristine Kruz 

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