Author Interview: L. B. Shimaira

By C. M. Rosens

In this bonus episode, your basic local eldritch girl C. M. Rosens interviews author L. B. Shimaira (she/they) and reads an extract from her erotic horror novel, MY LORD, published by Gurt Dog Press. The full transcript is available here.MY LORD is a historical fantasy novel set in a fictional European country in 1239, featuring vampires, serfdom/medieval slavery, a castle full of dark secrets, a complex, blood-obsessed villain, and polyamorous relationships.We chat about LGBTQ+ rep in our work, including bi/pan polyamorous and asexual/aromantic-spectrum representation, as well as mental health issues and writing sex scenes.Bonus Episode Theme: Netherworld Shanty by Kevin MacLeod CCBA3.0CW for mild eroticism (it's a tamer extract), blood and pain, and implied torture.

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