Ep 4 Paul Walker: Win or Lose, You Always Have to Come Back

By Rob Aigner

Paul Walker brings a ton of value and perspective to the podcast! Paul has lived an incredible life. He grew up in Southern California as a successful student athlete receiving accolades in high school for playing both tennis and basketball. He decided to focus on basketball in college and was named an NCAA first team All- American and inducted into the University of Point Loma basketball hall of fame. After college, he married, had two sons and went on to work in pharmaceutical sales until starting his own successful construction company. The reason Paul is joining us on the show is to discuss how he made a radical choice, one that many of us think about but don’t often have the courage to pursue. That was to sell his successful business of 20 years solely to run a youth soccer organization that helps underprivileged kids. In this episode, he takes us back to 1999 when his own boys were playing soccer for the local soccer league that was falling apart. He felt the calling and then made the choice to get involved. Paul talks to us about what it took for him to leave his successful business and follow his purpose and passion into the unknown. His powerful choice has changed and transformed thousands of lives and continues to grow today. "All I can say is you do what you feel you've been given the tools to do and the drive to do. And don't be afraid because through discipline and drive, it will make through the tough times. That's just the way it is. And sports taught me how to compete and how I'm not going to always win but I'm gonna come back." "If we can give that and instill that in all of these youths when they're young, they're set as adults." "Competition is an amazing tool. Have competitive juices inside you is an amazing tool for your life and will help you as an individual make it through tough times because you are a competitor." In this episode, you will hear: - How Paul came to a crossroads and had to make a radical choice between his successful business and a youth sports organization that would help thousands of kids - How his youth soccer program gets kids off the street and prepares them for life - The impact that Paul's youth soccer organization has had on him and his family Thank you so much for listening! Please subscribe to the show, leave a review, and share it with a friend. If you have a guest idea or want to connect with me, please visit my website www.clearchoices.live or find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Clear-Choices-104719800920939/. I am also available for speaking engagements. Other resources and links mentioned in this episode: LAFC Barcelona Soccer Foundation http://www.kidsoffthestreets.org/ Total Futbol Academy https://totalfutbolacademy.com

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