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#63 with Author and CEO Lee Caraher

By Christoph Magnussen & Michael Trautmann

„If I pay you to show up it’s not loyalty.” Here is how you actually work with Millennials and why “showing up is not a skill.” We’ve read the headlines about the Gen Y or Millennials. I’m one myself. We are entitled, a “me” generation, are casual and disrespectful, want freedom and flexibility, are job hoppers and don’t know how to use a fax machine. But we are also the workforce that drives New Work and shows how to see work and leisure time as a flowing connection. We push the collaborative documents within teams and do not get it why old people actually want to print stuff. There is a lot of prejudice which usually comes from a lack of understanding and perception. So we wanted to clear things up and met Lee Caraher in New York who wrote one of the best selling books on how to work with Millennials. Her agency is based on the west and east coast of the US and employs mainly Millennials since she “cracked the code”. Lee is an extremely energetic CEO and keynote speaker and showed us how Millennials just ‘work differently’, are actually a ‘we generation’ and do not ‘hop’ through different jobs if they don’t need to. A lot to learn and laugh about. We had a fantastic time with Lee and highly recommend to listen to her carefully if you work with anyone between 20 and 35. She will help you understand why it’s your fault if you are too vague and actually don’t get how the new generation works. Vielen Dank auch noch einmal an unseren Werbepartner O2! Mit o2 connect habt ihr die Möglichkeit nicht nur mit einem Mobilgerät zu surfen. Seit dem 05.06. stehen o2 Free Kunden bis zu 9 weitere, kostenlose SIM Karten zu Verfügung. o2 empfiehlt den Free M Connect Tarif für 29,99 pro Monat, damit habt ihr 10GB LTE Datenvolumen. Have fun with Episode 63 of the #OntheWaytonewWork Podcast #TheNewYorkTapes Edition via: SPOTIFY SOUNDCLOUD And ITUNES And all book tips here With Christoph Magnussen and Michael Trautmann

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