Business Plans? Really?

By Enterprise Iain

Business Plans?  Really?If you are starting a business and don't know where to begin.  Do you really need a business plan?  Does it put you off even before you have begun?Iain and Deedee discuss the obsession with business planning that people have. Useful LinksDeedee is an author of books including "The Wee Guide to Scottish Women", "I Love Tunnocks Tea Cakes" and "Scottish Sweetie Addicts and Chocoholics", to name but a few.  Find out more at Share the loveIf you’ve enjoyed the Enterprise Iain Show please help us by sharing the love through every social media route you use. And don’t forget to sign up at for updates and new shows.If you are interested in finding out more about being your own boss then why not check out my new book "How to Kick the Emoloyee Habit and Be Your Own Boss". Our now at Amazon. 

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