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118: Estate Planning 101 with Matthew Wiley

By Sam Marks / Johnny FD

Matthew Wiley is a managing partner at Wiley Etter, LLC, who are passionate about helping you plan for the future. Matthew believes in two fundamental principles, estate, and financial planning should be simple and focused on the client’s needs. He works with a team of advisors, accountants, and other professionals to ensure that his clients’ needs come first… Always. During this episode, you’ll be given the tools and techniques to create a financial and legal plan for your future regardless of your wealth level. Find out some of the most important documents you’ll need when preparing your estate plan. Learn the proper process so that you can successfully transfer wealth to your heirs. Listen to the end as Johnny FD and Sam Marks reveal exactly what their wills include.   Links:   Where we are: Sam Marks - Tampa, Florida Johnny FD - Sri Lanka   Time Stamps: 01:20 - Skiing in Tahoe and sunny Florida 05:52 - What is estate planning? 06:54 - “I like to think of myself as the most trusted confidant helping you reach your business, financial, and personal goals without alienating any of your family members” - Matthew Wiley 07:17 - Should you take state planning seriously? 09:19 - What documents do you need to prepare your plan? 17:13 - Financial inheritance to your heirs - The process 19:24 - “Elvis Presley’s will is available and Whitney Houston. Everyone can see their affairs” - Matthew Wiley 25:00 - Should you set up an asset protection trust? 32:36 - Learning the do’s and don’ts of AP 37:47 - Transferring wealth to your heirs 38:52 - “If you have even close to $10 million dollars you can’t possibly turn that into intergenerational wealth without a lawyer” - Matthew Wiley 42:50 - What happens when somebody actually dies? What's the process? 45:36 - Terrible experiences that tear families apart 55:50 - Johnny FD crates his own will online 1:02:32 - Sam Marks will explain in detail 1:07:33 - The truth about the funeral industry If you enjoyed this episode, do us a favor and share it! Also if you haven’t’ already, please take a minute to leave us a 5-star review on iTunes and claim your bonus here! Copyright 2019. All rights reserved. Read our disclaimer here.  

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