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Yuval Degani-President of Dreamtown Realty

By Aaron Masliansky

In this episode, we hear the story of Yuval Degani, the owner of Dreamtown Realty. Yuval started Dreamtown in 1998 from scratch. Capitalizing on the early internet, he developed a website that was ahead of its time, and helped lead to explosive growth. Now he leads a company with over 400 agents spread out in offices across Chicago and Evanston. The conversation starts from Yuval coming to Chicago from Israel, and starting a bike rental company with a friend of his. Yuval then was searching for a home, and decided that he wanted to get his real estate broker’s license and earn the commission instead of hiring someone. From there he started Dreamtown Realty, and worked on real estate to fill the off-season time when the bike rental business was closed. Needless to say he was hooked in real estate and Dreamtown grew exponentially. The conversation then goes to Yuvals investment strategy of owning three, three-flats, his luck on having the right timing on things, and his passion for helping people and creating a collaborative environment. This ranges from providing the agents in his office with the tools to succeed like a full-fledged marketing staff, coaching, classes, massage services, and even creating partnerships with vendors like messengers services and organic meat vendors. Yuval also discusses the differences in the marketplace that he sees between Evanston and the North Shore as compared to the City of Chicago, specifically in how business is conducted. By being a smaller market than the city, agents can really get to learn the market in greater depth by touring houses, and developing strong relationships with one another. Yuval also sees the future of Dreamtown as a growing company through organic growth of nurturing the current agents businesses, and attracting talented agents throughout the industry. Yuval can be reached at or his website at He can be found on instagram @marshual. I’d like to thank several people for help with today’s show. This includes my real estate brokerage, Dreamtown Realty in Evanston for helping me with the graphics and video clips for the show. If listening to this podcast gave you the bug to buy or sell real estate, give me a call or go to my real estate website at And don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you.

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