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040 - Sarah Blondin of Live Awake

By Dr. Michelle Rogers

Welcome to episode 40! In this week's episode, we’re chatting with Sarah Blondin who is the writer and creator of the transformational podcast, “Live Awake”. She spends her days, raising (and wrangling) her two young sons, in the countryside of British Columbia, Canada. She is currently writing her first book, due to release in the fall of 2019. After spending years disconnected and at odds with her inner self and world, Sarah moved from Vancouver, to rural BC-and took a deep dive within. Through years of introspection and quiet solitude, Sarah uncovered for the first time, her authentic writing voice, and connected with what she calls “ a mainline to her divine source of wisdom.” She found ways to allow her heart to guide and govern, and to override the fear and trepidation she had around being vulnerably open. Coming awake to the beauty she believes is intended for each of us, Sarah has dedicated her life to the pursuit of helping others find their feeling hearts again. She hopes that what she has gleaned through years of deep introspection, and meditation will assist listeners in turning toward themselves, and uncovering the great wealth carried within. Listen to the interview!

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