J’Den Cox Keeps Pressing On | Ep. 38

By Justin Basch

The wrestling success he's had is just a portion of who J'den Cox is. The 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist and 2020 Olympic Hopeful has endured levels of hardship and adversity that few know about, but he's overcome, and he continues to press on. It was great talking to J'den about his faith, his perspective, and recent events such as the move to 97kg and the move to the Ohio RTC. Even the non-wrestling fans will have a ton to take away from this episode! Enjoy! - Crying While Winning 11-1 - Getting Better Younger - Being Overlooked vs Not Counting Out - A Chip on His Shoulder? - Battling Depression - Maintaining Proper Perspective - Compartmentalizing - Joy > Happiness - The Role of Faith In His Career - Walking with Jesus - Decision To Go 97kg - Decision To Go to Ohio State - Making Tough Decisions - The Perspective of Cox over Snyder - Preparing for the Olympic Trials - Talking WWE For a Few Minutes Wanna support the podcast? Apparel is now available at SHOP.BASCHAMANIA.COM or inquire about sponsorships by emailing baschamania@gmail.com. Be sure to follow the podcast @Baschamania on social media.

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