Kosha Joubert - CEO, Global Ecovillage Network

By Olivier Mythodrama Leadership Lab

Welcome you to Series 2 of Leading in a Climate Changed World, by Olivier Mythodrama. Leading in a climate Changed World, is about exploring the leadership that’s required to take on the of the climate crisis and how we engage with environmental and ecological challenges that we are facing, in increasing regularity. Importantly, this podcast isn’t necessarily aimed towards people already participating in this type of work and it’s not focused on ‘leaders’ in the traditional sense. We want to connect with people from all walks of life, in all positions of employment and experience, young to old. One of the messages that consistently came from series 1, was that you can make a difference whatever your situation. The objectives of the podcast are to identify qualities of leadership and recommended practices, and how can we develop leaders with these qualities. We take a look at where are we seeing progress, either in people, companies and organisations, even countries. We also look at what’s not working? What’s preventing movement in this important field? Whether it’s society, culture, politics.Whether it’s a message of hope or despair, we hope there will be inspiration and information to help you along the way. In our first episode of the series, we reintroduce Robin Alfred, our senior leadership programme director and interviewer extraordinaire. Robin speaks to Kosha Joubert who is CEO of the Global Ecovillage Network. They discuss vital qualities in leadership and how to reengage with practices, which can allow us to connect deeply with current circumstances. In addition, I want to introduce you to The Communities for Future Summit, an entirely free, online experience hosted by Kosha’s organisation, the Global Ecovillage Network. The Communities for Future Summit will take place from 1 to 10 February 2020, bringing leading-edge thinkers and leaders from around the globe engaging in concrete action for a just and regenerative future. Participation in Summit is completely free and the interviews can be accessed online. Please visit summit2020.ecovillage.org to sign up. I hope you enjoy this episode, we already have a number of big names and people from well-known organisations and movements lined up, so please follow or subscribe to the podcast. If you want to leave a review, that would be amazing and if you want to get in touch with me, please email hello@leadinginaclimatechangedworld.com Over to Robin and Kosha.

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