2XL Polyamory Is Not For Everybody

By Tenderfire Media

Polyamory; for all the sex and fun and swinging from chandeliers with Sia, healthy poly relationships require so much communication, it can be dizzying. (*Also, don't try the chandelier thing at home*) Constantly challenging the status quo just by being yourself, is not all cheap thrills. It can feel isolating fast, even for seasoned pros. Even crazier, is when those conversations steer toward your partner starting to dating someone else for the first time. All of a sudden, your elastic heart may not feel so bulletproof. The personal work you have been avoiding in yourself can leave you feeling jealous and like you are NOT the greatest alive. Maybe polyamory will never shine bright like a diamond to you, there is always room to hear your partner tell their truth. That truth might make you feel validated, but it might also make big girls cry. Either way, accessing the truth about these feelings in yourself, and starting to share them, is one of the only ways we know of to make your connection as strong as titanium. Join Jessamyn and Ashe as we irreverently hold space for some of these topics and more on this episode of Dear Jessamyn,  Polyamory is Not For Everybody XLOur theme music is by some wild ones called Fruit Snack. They have a website called fruitsnack.bandcamp.com and on instagram they are @fruitsnackncAll of our episode art is by this Janie Leopard character, she hangs out at janieleopard.com and @janieleopard on instagram. Her artful genius is unstoppable. In this episode, we mention The Underbelly Yoga app. You'll be thinking "breathe me" all the way to your spiritual alignment in the comfort of your home with The Underbelly app and at the theunderbelly.com Get a free three-day trial when you sign up! Don't forget to rate and review this show. We dedicate this show to the memory of Jo Danger Phoenix. May her memory be a blessing. <3

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