Utilising Disruptive Technologies

By Adam Jones

Samir Sinha is the founder of RobonomicsAI. Today there are new emerging technologies that are undoubtedly going to have a big impact on the buildings industry. Drones, AI, VR/AR, cryptocurrencies are still in their infancies but are capable of causing major disruptions to the status quo. Samir Sinha is an expert is finding out how to use such technologies to best solve your real world problems. We discuss: The framework developed to identify opportunities to utilise new technology to solve existing or new problems What the future will look like with the new tech The potential convergence of disruptive technologies There has never been an exciting time to be alive if you are on the right side of the changes coming. If you want to find out more about RobonomicsAI, go to   http://robonomicsai.com/

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