Patrick Sweeney - How I use Fear.

By Linsay Mammown

On this weeks podcast, Patrick Sweeney shares his life's story and his drive to send a strong message home. Patrick discusses the fear within himself which literally saw him on deaths bed. From this awakening, Patrick sees the need to help others see their own fears which holds people back from achieving adventure.  EPISODE NOTES   This weeks conversation is with Patrick Sweeney, the author of the soon to be released book, “Fear is Fuel”.    Prior to a his morning adventurous run in the picturesque snowy Chamonix Mountains, (France) Patrick shares his life's story.  From a childhood he describes as fearful, Patrick moved to running to find passion, want and acceptance.  He continued to strive for more and became an elite athlete, a business developer and successful business owner.  However, his world came crashing down when Doctors described his medical condition as one that “we are not equipped for”.  With a young family, Patrick talks of his moments in hospital where he knew he had let fear rule his life. This fear had prevented Patrick from happiness both for himself and his young family.  After surviving, Patrick had a new lease in life, a new want, a new appreciation for the small stuff and a new appreciation for gratitude.  Patrick now Conquers Fear.  He has pushed himself to great adventures, which he honestly believes, any person can achieve; by conquering their fear and using “Fear as Fuel”.  In Patrick’s words, “Do something that scares you. Every single day.”    Patrick Sweeney’s book, “Fear as Fuel” is soon to be released in 2020 on both Kindle and Amazon.  Patrick’s website has a once in a lifetime contest running too, check it out at the site  He is available for keynote speaking,  ---------------------  Patrick Sweeney can also be followed at  YouTube:  ----------------------  Support the Fall Forward Podcast! :) Follow us on Facebook  & Instagram or check out and subscribe to the website,  You can sponsor the program by visiting  If you'd like to be featured and have the same goal to help people through adversity, send an email via our website.    Every person has a story, every person has the Potential. Fall Forward  ---------------------  Mentions:  Motivate Me by Mixaund |  Courage and Willpower by Keys of Moon |  Attribution4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Music promoted by

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