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Willpower Doesn’t Work with Ben Hardy

By JJ Virgin

A Ph.D candidate in the field of psychology and the adoptive father of three wonderful children, Ben Hardy learned from traumatic experiences early on in his life that the key to creating permanent change lies in your environment. He joins JJ today to explain why relying on willpower isn't the answer to reaching your goals and how to alter your surroundings to set yourself up for success. Listen as Ben shares the steps you need to take to invest in yourself and live your very best life!   Freebies From Today’s Episode Get Ben Hardy’s free journaling course by going to   Main Points From Today’s Episode Willpower is individualistic and a finite resource. If you rely on willpower to overcome an addiction, it's actually going to make the addiction worse. If you don’t create your environment, your environment creates and controls you. The most powerful choice you can make is to control your surroundings. Choose design over willpower! You need to remove the things in your environment that conflict with your commitment, and set yourself up for success.   Episode Play-By-Play [3:05] How Ben Hardy became interested in the concept of willpower [4:35] Ben's traumatic experiences and the humanitarian mission that changed his life [5:54] Ben’s role as a foster parent, and now adoptive parent, helped him to realize how important creating your environment is. [8:30] Willpower is individualistic and a finite resource. [9:01] The opposite of addiction is connection. [9:51] Your environment shapes you: the most powerful choice you can make is to create and control your surroundings. [11:05] How do you shift your environment? [12:48] The first step is being mindful and realizing that you can create the context you’re in. [15:27] It’s important to become clear on the “why” of your decision. [15:40] When you start investing in your goals, you become more committed. [17:55] You have to remove everything in your environment that conflicts with your commitment. [19:02] Research shows that obesity and weight loss are contagious. [20:13] Design over willpower: how to set yourself up for success [22:53] Ben’s journaling course teaches you how to use your journal to shape your subconscious patterns and achieve your goals. [27:26] Learn how to transform your life and be part of a supportive community by heading to [27:40] Listener’s question: I can give up gluten and dairy, but I can’t seem to quit sugar. What should I do? [28:38] Start by checking your environment and getting the enemy out of the house.   Mentioned in this episode: JJ Virgin Sleep Candy JJ Virgin Challenge JJ Virgin Facebook Official page JJ Virgin on Instagram

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