Does being an expert mean we don't have issues? - In My Truth with Freya Savage

By Sarah Riegelhuth

In this episode of In My Truth, Sarah Riegelhuth is joined by her dear friend and soul sister Freya Savage. Freya was Sarah's first ever hire, and they've had an undeniable closeness since the day they first met. Their working on our third project together now, the Be In Your Truth Life Mastery Retreat, and in this conversation they are certainly getting into their truths! Freya Savage speaks on feeling like she’d rather have cancer than continue on in the finance industry profession in a tall, grey building, how she has used finance as a tool for freedom, and gives a real life example of how she comes back to faith when she’s been stuck in the ‘shoulds’. Freya and Sarah's conversation also examines how they label ourselves and how that means they need to show up in their careers and lives, creating boundaries, the many layers of truth, and how fear has played a role in both of their monogamous and non-monogamous relationships. - Disclaimer: What we talk about on In My Truth tends to be very raw and can be triggering. Resources for support and help are included at the end of show notes - scroll down for more information. - “I have never been able to relate to a coach who isn’t willing to share with me their own vulnerabilities and their own challenges around the thing.” Freya and Sarah also discuss the untruths they're living with and working through around: Getting beneath the layers Finance as a tool to support a life of freedom The answers vs the experience The assumed need to show up as an expert in your industry How we label ourselves and how that means we need to show up What it means to be the expert at something Taking responsibility for other people’s issues How to present ourselves as a professional and a guide, while also keeping our clients accountable Feeling the need to put on a show and perform for clients Creating boundaries Our relationships and issues with money Abundant mindsets The importance of faith Feeling like a fraud when we’re teaching others, but have to do our own work Doing the work every day Going from outcome and results focussed to surrendering to the process Resistance to those portraying themselves as flawless Guilt for having money Experience sharing over advice giving Living and selling from integrity Living in lack vs living in self-belief Rejecting the ‘shoulds’ Trying to fix ‘issues’ with ourselves vs knowing who we are Using the feeling of anger to create and transform Being aware of our emotions without actioning anything Unconditional love and condoning behaviour while on the spiritual path because of the lessons it could be teaching Jealousy in monogamous and non-monogamous relationships How we get to a place of forgiveness The feelings behind opening and subsequently closing a relationship The many layers of truth Non-monogamous relationship fears The beauty in renouncing sexual relationships with other people Living in different colours of the rainbow Consciously choosing our lives and designing our relationships “Everything’s a mirror, to the point where I’m in a kaleidoscope".” - Resources mentioned: - The Art of Letting Go - Vidya Frazier - Emoto Water Study - BE IN YOUR TRUTH, LIFE MASTERY RETREAT Experience ultimate fulfilment in your life as you take your life to the next level by understanding and embodying your truth. This 5-day immersive program is designed to help you reclaim your vitality to show up in the world unapologetically as you. Learn tools to create lasting changes and fulfilment in life, and empower yourself with insights from advanced instructors in business, finance, sex, health and wellbeing. This isn’t just another retreat – it’s an opportunity to tap into your personal truth and shake the world, in

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