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New Ways To Spread and Scale Service Design / Jacquelyn Brioux / Episode #72

By Service Design Show

What does it mean to work as a Service Designer in a team that heavily relies on #RemoteCollaboration to get their job done? Can you still successfully operate as a Service Design when you don't have the ability to physically interact with your team mates, stakeholders and customers? Jacquelyn Brioux is exactly in this spot in her role at Shopify. She shares her learnings and gives some tips on practical tools that help to make this work. We also dive into the topic of #EmotionalIntelligence and debate why it's still pretty much undervalued in the workplace. The implications of this a huge by the way way. Lower employee retention. Less productivity. And less involved staff. Just to name a few/. Finally we talk about when we should start giving service design away. I know it sounds scary and uncomfortable but as you'll learn it's inevitable. But what is actually the thing we give away!? Jacquelyn shares how she's doing this right now at Shopify. Did you enjoy this episode? Leave a comment or send me a message on LinkedIn :) If you know someone who might be interested the things we've discussed make sure to share the episode with them! ---------------------------------------- EPISODE GUIDE 03:30 - The first encounter with #ServiceDesign. 06:30 - How can we enable effective remote collaboration? 19:40 - Why is emotional intelligence important in the workplace? 31:00 - When is it time to give service design away? 40:30 - Big question: How can bring Service Design into the HR space? ---------------------------------------- LINKS FROM THE EPISODE * Jacquelyn on LinkedIn ➜ * The startup story of Gimlet Media ➜ [ TOOLS ] * * * (used to be RealTimeBoard) MORE EPISODES Enjoyed the show? Take a look at some of the other episodes. YOUTUBE Every episode of the Service Design Show is also available as via the official YouTube channel. FACEBOOK Check the Facebook page where you'll find more content and can discuss the episodes. INSTAGRAM Get an exclusive behind the scenes look of the Show. ---------------------------------------- [FREE COURSE] HOW TO EXPLAIN SERVICE DESIGN Learn what it takes to get your clients, colleagues, managers, CEOs and even grandmas as excited about service design as you are!

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