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256: Dr. Datis Kharrazian - Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? • Understanding Iodine • Vitamin D & Autoimmunity

By Dr. Jesse Chappus & Marni Wasserman

Dr. Datis Kharrazian (@DrKharrazian) is a clinical research scientist, academic professor, and a functional medicine health care provider. He specializes in developing evidence-based models to treat autoimmune, neurological, and unidentified chronic diseases with non-pharmaceutical applications such as diet, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine. Dr. Kharrazian's academic and clinical research has been featured in numerous documentaries and his clinical models of functional medicine are used by several academic institutions and thousands of health care providers throughout the world. In this episode, we discuss: The research that led to Dr. Kharrazian writing his first book The majority of hypothyroid patients have Hashimoto’s How Hashimoto’s attacks the thyroid gland Balancing thyroid hormones doesn't fully address Hashimoto's What is cerebellar ataxia? The inspiration behind Dr. Kharrazian's second book Many thyroid patients have brain impairments Breaking down TH1 and TH2 Problems with conventional thyroid testing Symptoms of Hashimoto’s Finding the right treatment How lifestyle factors impact Hashimoto’s Gluten is the most common trigger for people with Hashimoto’s Infections that can cross-react with the thyroid How chemicals can impact thyroid function Every patient is uniquely different The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) What are goitrogens? Why some patients react to proteins New research published about cross-reacting food proteins Iodine flares up symptoms in patients with Hashimoto’s Vitamin D is important for all autoimmune patients Addressing the adrenals The role of adaptogens The benefits of hydrochloric acid (HCl) & digestive enzymes Show sponsors: Four Sigmatic <== 10% off all Four Sigmatic products & free shipping over $100 Sunwarrior <== 10% off all Sunwarrior products & free shipping over $100 Thrive Market <== As a new customer you get a free 30-day membership, 25% off your order, and free shipping (US only)* Related links: Dr. Datis Kharrazian - Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal (book)* Dr. Datis Kharrazian's website Follow Dr.Datis Kharrazian on Facebook, and Twitter Dr. Datis Kharrazian - Why Isn't My Brain Working (book)* Immunological Reactivity Using Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies of Autoimmune Thyroid Target Sites with Dietary Proteins. (PubMed) Which thyroid hormone is right for you? (Dr. K. News) New food sensitivity issues on AIP? The oral tolerance protocol (Dr. K. News) Healing & Dealing With Hashi's (Marni's 4 week Hashimoto's course) Related episodes: 254: Sarah Ballantyne – Pregnancy And Hypothyroidism • Reintroductions On AIP • The Cruciferous Vegetable Myth 228: Focus Friday – Healing And Dealing With Hashimoto’s 156: Elle Russ – Reclaim Your Thyroid Health 119: Dr. Amy Myers – The Thyroid Connection • The Impact of Goitrogens • Hyper vs Hypothyroidism Note: Links marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links. Making a purchase through these links won't cost you anything but we will receive a small commission. This is an easy, free way of supporting the podcast. Thank you! How can you support our podcast? 1. Apple users, please subscribe and review our show on Apple Podcasts, we make sure to read them all. Android users, be sure to follow our show on Spotify. Subscribers never miss any of the action ;) 2. Tell a friend about The Ultimate Health Podcast. They will surely thank you later. You can use the envelope button below to email a friend or tell them about TUHP in person. 3. Join TUHP Facebook group (FREE). This is where we all stay in touch and ask questions in between episodes. Join our community. 4. Our favourite social media platform is Instagram. Follow our adventures. 5. Share using the buttons below. Thank you!

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